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The Wild Woods is a thick, dangerous forest at the center of the kingdom. It is home to the wood elves, and their city of Arlathaelas. The wood elves are less insistent that the forest obey them than their noble elf cousins, and as a result it is an inhospitable place. The wood elves themselves spend a great deal of their time in the canopy and the tree tops, allowing the more dangerous animals to roam the forest floor. It is, in most places, impenetrable to other races.

The Serpent River, the realm's largest river and main method of transportation, passes through the WIld Wood. At the center of the forest, it flows near the city of Arlathaelas, though the elves keep separate from the traffic on the river and the barge captains rarely see anything more than trees on their passage through the forest. There is a dock where boats can put in at need, but it is not a popular stop. Few leave the boats here, and even fewer embark at this point.


The Wild Woods are several hundred miles to the east of Cathedra Gate, roughly halfway between the city and the Caribre Mountains. To the north is Lake Maia, which feeds several small rivers that flow south into the forest. Directly south of the Wild Woods are the Fields of Farsalon.


Whatever moments of note that have happened beneath the green boughs of the Wild Wood are not recorded in the general history of the realm. The Wood Elves are wanderers, and have ventured far throughout the world. They are, however, more interested in learning the stories of others than telling their own tales. The King of the Wild Wood has ruled since before the fall of the dragons, and that is as much as they are willing to reveal.


The wood elves are the only inhabitants of the forest. Whatever other creatures, or monsters, that may exist have not formed enough of a society to be worthy of notice.