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The home of the minotaurs, Kehlaktur is known as the City Without Walls, as it is one of the few major cities in Calibran without any true defensive fortifications. The reputation of the minotaurs, and their strength of arms, has been sufficient to defend it and keep its people safe for the whole of recorded history.

The city has is built from sandstone, slate, and granite, all mined from the nearby southern edges of the Caribre Mountains. Most of the buildings are low, and closely built, designed to be inhabited by several families or large groups. Kehlaktur is surrounded by farms, all worked by minotaur farmers. Without a wall, there is no sharp definition between city and farmland. Those who work in the city might live further afield, and those who work the fields might prefer living in the busy environment of the city. Visitors might find, as they travel along the roads, that the city grows up around them.


The city itself is flat, but the land rises sharply to the north and west of it. It rests on a plateau, and the lands falls away sharply to the west, down to the sparsely populated Fields of Farsalon.

The City of Mazes is what Kehlaktur's visitors call it. They claim the streets and avenues are so twisty, narrow, and confusing that they can be impossible to navigate. The minotaurs generally ignore such comments. They have no trouble finding their way around their city, which seems to be their only concern. An area of the northern part of the city, has been simplified and rearranged so that foreigners can find their way around. Centered at the Fereng Market, it is where merchants from around Calibran come to trade with the minotaurs, or stop on the way somewhere else.

Near to the Fereng Market is Sword Hall. This is the first barracks and home of the famous Minotaur Legions. Other Legions have begun to build their own halls around the city, but the army's commanders all meet at Sword Hall.

At the center of the city are the council chambers, where the minotaurs' who govern the city meet.


Who lives here? In particular:


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