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South of the Island of Yls, and beyond the inland sea in which that island is found, are the two mountain ranges that are known by the geographers of Calibran as the Horns. They can be seen by most of the ships that pass through the Narrows to the harbor city of Phleg, though no captain likes to approach the southern shore too closely. Their location is known, and a rough idea of their height has been calculated. The precise nature of their geography and how far south the ranges extend remains unknown to the kindgom at large. The Horns are the home and sanctuary of the dragons, and none that have ventured there have returned.


The two ranges extend north, thrusting out into the Sea of Yls almost directly south of Phleg. Older maps show a point at which the two ranges meet, somewhere to the south, but no one in modern times has ventured that far, most people seeing no reason to antagonize the dragons who lair there. The mountains are tall, rising quickly in a short distance. A few hundred miles south of the seashore they might already rival the tallest peaks of the Caribre Mountains.


There undoubtedly have been factions struggling for power, battles and diplomacy, and all the other events that lore keepers love to put down in books and make much of. No lore keeper has had the opportunity to interview the inhabitants of the Horns. Whatever the dragons do in their home to the south, they keep to themselves.


The only people it is known for sure live in the Horns are the former masters of the world. Any of the other intelligent races that might have once lived there has been hunted to extinction, it is generally assumed. It is assumed there is a population of the saurians, the race the dragons created as servants and warriors, present in the mountain ranges. This remains a matter of speculation, however.